An integral part of all virtual events are the presentations delivered in the auditorium. From Key Note speakers, plenary sessions and panel discussions, these broadcasts are generally a focal point of your event with the content being a primary reason people attend.

The VirtualEvents.CA platform has integrated the industry’s leading event level webcasting platform into our auditorium, The Webcast Center. This allows for unparalleled flexibility and quality for the critical parts of your virtual event.

Presentations in the Auditorium can be delivered using standard webcams and our integrated Flash video player OR by incorporating the Webcast Center which can provide broadcast quality video through onsite production, satellite or HD Video Conference signal. This flexibility allows you to broadcast from the floor of your event or from anywhere in the world!

To view a Virtual Events webcast demo please follow this link

The Ultimate Hybrid Experience
The Webcast Center has the ability to support near broadcast quality web video providing Hybrid Event planners the unique ability of using virtual presenters for their live event. Now you can create a super roster of presenters bringing speakers into the live and virtual conference settings simultaneously.

Your Webcast Center Events are portable
When using the Webcast Center for your broadcasts presentations become portable allowing for you to link to webcast events from your virtual presentation from any website flexibility for branding and reporting you can offer the direct link to your speakers as a value add.

Webcast Center Features:
Custom Branded Webcast interface for each presentation
Speaker profiles and downloadable resources from the webcast player
Remote Question submission management
Interactive Polling and Surveys
Multi Language Support

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