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A Virtual Tradeshow or Expo as defined by industry evangelists at is “a combination of some of the most successful elements of a live trade show collected and translated into a multimedia file format and broadcasted or transmitted on the Internet. Virtual trade shows allow the exhibitors and sponsors to reach their target audience round the clock”.

Our virtual tradeshow application allows you to do anything you would do with a conventional tradeshow – Even more!


E- Commerce integration allows event producers to sell tickets, sponsorships and booths through our unique pre-show landing page. Even the booths can be e-commerce enabled allowing audience members to purchase product while visiting.

Over 100 Booth Templates allow exhibitors to offer a truly customized booth experience including video presentations, slide shows, product info, contests and more.

Text and Video chat in the lounge and at the exhibitors’ booth promote interaction and engagement



The Tradeshow – Replicates closely the conventional tradeshow with Exhibit Halls, Auditoriums, Media Rooms and Networking Lounges. These events generally have a run time of 3-4 days and are produced in concert with a conventional event or replaces one.

The Virtual EXPO – With run times of a week or longer the Virtual EXPO is generally produced to highlight a product or industry such as a Car show - only virtual!

The Virtual Mall – The focus here is simple, bring people together virtually to buy products. Virtual Malls have longer run times and often plan to be operational indefinitely or as long as they continue to drive sales for their merchants.

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