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The dilemma of the modern day Corporate Communications Professional is how to do more with less. Shrinking budgets are the primary driver for virtual event adoption and the trend is being seen across all business sectors.

Conferences and corporate events have traditionally been the average Joe’s primary opportunity to network and learn from peers and industry experts. All this is changing with the advent of virtual events offering access to a more diverse audience with less costs.

Imagine 100% participation at your next corporate event!

A major Tele-Communications company traditionally spent 1.2 million dollars a year on their annual sales conference while only being able to provide access to 65% of their sales staff. Managers were forced to make difficult decisions on who would attend an event that would ultimately have been beneficial for every sales person in the enterprise. By diverting 10% of the conference budget to a virtual event they would be able to allow for 100% participation and have a robust learning tool to refer back to, the virtual event archive.


Attendee Types can be designated during set up in such a way that different users have access to different content. This allows for a diverse audience to participate and benefit from the 'targeted' material.

Global Reach allows audience members to join the event and presentations to originate from anywhere in the world

Content Library houses documents, white papers and archived presentations that can be visited for months after the conference has concluded as a value to all who attend

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  In a survey of 5000 marketing professionals 74% said their companies are interested in virtual events to save money  

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