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They say necessity is the mother of invention, however in the case of virtual events; necessity has been the mother of adoption. With travel, conference and tradeshow budgets slashed in 2009, organizations needed to look at new and innovative ways to capture an audience. Virtual events were the answer!

The numbers indicate that it is not just the event producers who are excited about the inherent benefits of virtual events but audiences are speaking up and not only showing their acceptance of the medium, but also their enthusiasm. Attendance is growing and the exit polls indicate that this not a band-aid solution for a down economy but a new and efficient way of doing business.

VirtualEvents.Ca aims to provide the best virtual event experience available by taking into consideration the needs of all event participants ranging from the event producer, to exhibitors, to sponsors and above all - the audience.


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  In a recent poll of 5000 marketing professionals 63% of respondents indicated that in 2010 they were more likely to attend conferences online than in person.  

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